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Salvation is simple and free. Once you are forgiven it is forever, you don’t have to beg for forgiveness every time you slip up. Apologizing isn’t a bad idea though.

Christ wants a relationship with you. He wants to talk to you like you talk to a friend. Did you ever have a friend that only just asks for things? Ask Jesus how he’s doing, have a conversation. If you try this it won’t be long before you hear him talking to you.

God does not micromanage the universe. Man is unique because we were created to have free will. (Angels do not even have that privilege, which is why there is a devil.) Did you ever have a feeling something bad was going to happen? Or maybe a feeling you should not do something or go somewhere? That is God trying to protect you. He will allow you to choose to do what you wish, but He does not cause bad things to happen to people.

You do not need to “accept Jesus in your heart.” (What does that even mean anyway?) He accepted you. All you need to do is to stop rejecting Him.

There is nothing you can do to impress God. He is God, what do you have that isn’t His to begin with? Some churches teach all kinds of rules and doctrines but those are essentially useless. God gave Moses the law to show that man needed grace and grace is given freely to those who choose to receive it.

God is not mad at you. He does allow you to endure the consequences of the decisions you and others make but He is not sitting in heaven waiting to drop a brick on your head because you slipped up.

What God wants from you is to understand that Christ  conquered the power of sin and death and set you free from them, and to seek His will  for your life. Make no mistake God’s will for you is not unpleasant and boring. If you are in His will you will find it impossible to fail at anything.

Christians  do good because it is part of their nature just like a dog barks because it is a dogs nature. Christians live under a new and better covenant not the rules given to Moses. If you seek out Christ you will undergo change naturally scripture calls this a renewal of the mind. It is a process and takes time.

Finally Christians that try to beat you over the head with rules, doctrine and their bibles are no better than the Pharisees of Christ’s day. Jesus called them vipers, sons of the devil, and empty tombs filled with dead men’s bones. Scripture called their doctrines “doctrines of demons.” Ignore people like that, real Christians are loving people.

Above all remember we are one church and one people. Avoid any church or preacher who claims they have the only truth and every other church is wrong . There is only one Gospel and that is the truth that Christ saved you. Kind of like a giant hand pulling a drowning person out of a lake. You did not have a choice in the matter, He chose you. Now if you choose to walk away from Him He will allow it. If you have walked away then come back home. There is nothing but good waiting for you in this family. No judgements, no questions asked, just come home.