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From the website:

Mission, Values, Faith

Our Mission

Using media in a culturally relevant way to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus.

Our Core Values

Founded in 1987 as an outreach to youth and young adults, we remain committed to that cause. Our Core Values are our commitment to unchanging beliefs and represent how we live while working toward our mission.

Scriptural Alignment

“We look to God’s Word to guide us in all areas of our personal and professional lives.”

Psalm 119:105


“We believe prayer is essential to the wisdom we need and the decisions we make”.

James 1:5


“We strive to live with integrity, honesty and transparency in our public and private lives”.

Proverbs 20:7


“We are passionate about excellence and welcome vigorous discussion and exchange of ideas united around the common goal of impacting more lives”.

Colossians 3:23

Community Impact

“We mobilize believers and partner with churches and ministries to demonstrate Jesus’ love in tangible ways to make a difference in the communities we serve”.

1 John 3:18

Research Driven

“We are committed to ongoing audience research, believing that it’s not about us and our preferences, but about reaching as many people as possible”.

Philippians 2:4

Servant hood

“We are committed to working together with humility, mutual respect flexibility and cooperation”.

Ephesians 4:2-3