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Audio Bibles Have a Global Impact

Audio Bibles connect modern technology to the Word of God, with the timeless result of sharing God’s Word with people who hunger for spiritual knowledge. Faith Comes By Hearing has been at the forefront of this movement, working tirelessly to compile the largest catalog of Audio Bibles in the world. Thanks to these efforts, listeners from around the world can now hear the Scriptures in pristine digital recordings in 640 languages. This technology allows us to have Audio Bible listening programs in 185 countries. Children and villagers who have not learned to read can follow along and begin learning written words. Audio Bible downloads provide global access to this collection of Bible translations, and make it possible to let the Word of God pour out to the people of every culture, in languages they can understand.

Audio Bibles offer a solution to the fact that over half the people on the planet today cannot read and therefore do not have a means for understanding the Word of God. By taking advantage of the conveniences offered in today’s electronic world, the Bible MP3 and Bible on CD are shared using CD, DVD players, and computers and the Bible can now be carried out onto the missionary field using electronic playback devices with multiple power sources such as solar power. Through these methods, the Word of God is expanding into the farthest reaches of the world and being shared in audio format for the benefit of all.

Bible MP3 formats are available as Audio Bible downloads and Bible podcasts. The Bible online uses digital audio technology to compress music or sound files into much smaller files with little or no loss of sound quality. The entire Bible is transferred into a tiny digital file, and made available as a complete MP3 Bible download or as a Bible on CD. In addition to the Bible online, Faith Comes By Hearing offers other audio products and services. There are BibleSticks, which are MP3 players loaded with the entire New Testament. For kids, there is the children’s Bible version called the KIDZ BibleStick which has Old and New Testament stories, harmonized Gospels and children’s Bible songs.

Even those individuals who prefer to read the Holy Scriptures realize that listening to Bible MP3 recordings at home or on the go provides many new opportunities to incorporate the Scriptures into their life and the lives of others around them. The technology offered from an online Bible allows listeners to hear God’s Word in a language that resonates best with them and is an effective tool for sharing the truth and power of God’s Word.

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